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My name is Esther van Toledo, leadership coach and founder of the coaching agency Leadership from the Heart. I train and coach companies, executives and their staff to achieve more…

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True Purpose

Finding your true purpose can be a real struggle. In this episode, Shakti Christine tells her story on how she found her true purpose in 2 hours and how I…

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Love in Action

In this series, I will be literally on the move! This time I’m in Kauai Hawaii and interviewed by Bill Wade a famous producer. Discover an international view on heart-centered…

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Change Management

There are three common themes that organizations struggle with. Do you recognize any of these? Organizations always try to solve the problems within organizations by putting more pressure and fear…

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Building Trust

When there is distrust within a team, I never look at the dynamics within a group. My solution? Trusting each other is never about the other person. You have to…

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Inside Out

Talking is not enough, you have to feel what you want to convey. As a manager, you can say whatever you want. But when you don’t feel that way, everyone…

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